Friday, March 16, 2012

Scooter, The Protector, The Shadow

Does anyone else remember when DC tried to get into the Archie market?
Teen Titans Go did an even sillier version ot the Protector than the one in the Drug Abuse giveaway.
What Comic company has NOT done the Shadow?
I'm not putting the pattern up for the first two, because I'm pretty sure nobody else will make them.
I put them up anyway.


  1. Wow you make a lot of models!, where do you keep them all? I wish I had the time to make as many as you. I've been looking through your site and you do some great work and its great to see you using so many different bases to build them!


    1. Coming from you, I take the compliment seriously. Your designs are awesome. After I take their pictures, they eventually end up in boxes with my comics. The only problem is that those boxes nave taken over chunks of two rooms. Also, I try not to overuse any one type.