Saturday, January 15, 2011

Furball, Infectious Lass

For Furball, I used the same Yeti pattern I used for Proty only bigger.

Night Girl, Una, Chameleon Girl

Though I'm not sure where Una falls into the continuity nowadays, I made her too.

Tornado Twins

Even though they aren't in the club, Dawn and Don Allen are personal favorites of mine.

Superman, Brion the Bowman, Blockade Boy, Brion the Centaur

Superman isn't mine; it's by Shunichi Makino. It was the first super-hero model I made, and it was downhill from there (there's a fine line between hobby and mental illness). 
Brion the Bowman uses the same face as Brion the Centaur.
For Blockade Boy, I find a good face pick from that issue, so I used the face of the first Blockade Boy. 

Legion of Super-Pets

Krypto isn't mine; it's a CubeeCraft by Christopher Beaumont. He also designed a Three-Headed Monkey, which I made into Beppo.
Streaky is made using Funnycat by yuuku on a Japanese web site. 
Comet is made using a horse from Paper Horse Park on ,
 Proty is using the frame from Yeti on the Macula web site.

Catspaw, Computo, Dragonmage

You can't really tell, but I had to draw that dragon  and the pattern on Catspaw pixel by pixel.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Inferno, Theena, Micro Lad

All three of these used simple patterns with additions.

Gear, Shikari, Andromeda

Gear and Andromeda are a CubeeCraft pattern.
Shikari is the standard hako, but I made it somewhat thinner and added dragonfly wings.
Andromeda, once again used the Supergirl face.

Kid Quantum, Sensor, Thunder

This Sensor was made with the same coil as the other one, but I used the standard hako body and head.
Thunder was the CubeeCraft pattern.