Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Now I have Linda Park, Thondor Allen and the flash from Earth-11. And here's the pattern for Thondor. You'll need to trim the hoses.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Ambush Bug, Heckler

I used the HedKase template for these two. It seemed right.

Xombi, Johnny Barracuda, Iron Munro, Dr. Fate

Vigilante, Azrael, Hugo Danner

Greg is the best Vigilante out there. 
This is Hugo in the costume he wore in the circus. and my other favorite angel using the Paper Toy Adventures template. 
I included the pattern for Vigilante; use whichever face you like best.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

El Diablo, Elric, Pat Boone, Golden Age Sandman, The Shadow

Anyone remember the best version of El Diablo?
The Helix imprint gave DC an opportunity to experiment with Elric.
Remember when real life characters showed up in DC and even interacted with characters like Superman?
I hope this Sandman makes a return with the Earth Two series.
When DC had the Shadow, they did a pretty good job.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bat-Mite, Blsck Condor, Captain Action, Alexander Luthor Sr., Destiny, Despair

Bat-Mite is a personal favorite of mine.
Black Condor is another favorite.
Captain Action isn't DC now, but he started there, and I have every issue to prove it.
Alex was the lone good guy from Earth 3, so I made him. I used the Zombie pattern from
Destiny is my favorite guy from the Endless because he was in DC long before his siblings.I made Despair from Marshall Alexander's Zombie George. Here's the pattern for Destiny/ Since I use other people's patterns as templates on a lot of stuff, I don't know If it's okay for me to post those. 


I know he's not really DC, but DC did do the digest books, and he's a personal favorite of mine.


I found this character from the Tiny McDoodles series of characters. He looked like a Speed Force guy, so I make him and used the pattern to make some others.


I used the same pattern from Cheetara to make the only true Isis.  The flimsy frock she wears now is sexy but would never stay put in battle,  This came out about 11 inches tall and looks pretty good.

Super Turtle

Since I had the other turtle from DC, I decided to throw in Super Turtle.  Here's the pattern, if anyone wants to make him.  I can put other model patterns up if anyone wants them,

Cheetara, Ozymandias

I guess she's also a member of the Speed Force in the WS universe, but since everything's started over, who knows.  I made her from a model of Rotty Tops, a video game character, by
Josh Buczynski. 
Ozymandias here is a Cubee by Joshua Wolf, who designs a lot of great characters.  I put this here because Ozy displays something along the line of super speed, and who knows if he exists anymore.

Crash, Terrific Whatzit

I know one is fiction in fiction, and don't even ask about TW's feet--the hat caused enough trouble that I gave up on something that small.

Ajita, Backlash, Crimson, Jet

While Im in WS, here's Ajita and Jodi's three characters.